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Story Plot: In a world wrought with destruction, a group of fighters must fight and survive through the confines of Ruined Earth to face the alien invasion. The Klingthuloth Empire are on the advance and you, me, and five other warriors are the last line of defense. Armed with a array of high tech guns, lots of plasma swords of different sizes, and three giant mechas two battle wings and a flying starship, we are the Earth's only survival. Food supplies running low, most of the buildings and hiding spots are compromised by bands of thieving humanoid animal savages, and the last human habitation planet call Neo Mars is twelve planets away from sending cavalry in three earth months from now. Can we survive the attack long enough to be rescued? Can we be able to defeat the hordes of the Klingthuloths before we become extinct? And will Ruined Earth be able to return to it's former prime as Earth we know and love?

You: You are the commander. Command us to victory or condemn us to our fate. (If you are a male) You wield a Plasma Claymore, Sonic Rifle, Rivet Pistol, Laser Snipe, Maverick SLK Shotgun, and pilot a mech called Skull Reaver [Think of Deathscythe Gundam but reverse colored, plasm swords instead of a Plasm Scythe, a tattered cape instead of wings, and Skull Option Bits that fire lasers or makes a barrier.] (If you are a female) You wield twin Lightsabers, Cylon Buster Gun, Tromium Magnum, Persian Hell Swarm, KTH Wildfire Rifle, and pilot a mech called Heaven's Maiden [Think of The Gundam Girl Wing Zero Custom, but with six wings, long blonde hair, plasma rifle, Plasma Buster Blade with detachable blades, Celestial Drive{Gundam 00's Trans-Am rip-off}, and the Final Judgement {Getter Robo's Stoner Sunshine rip-off}] You also that the captain's helm of Starship Magnolia.

Me: I'm a young soldier. I will follow your every command until the very end. I'm really good at recon, communications, and  navigation. (If you are a male) I look up to you as a bigger brother, looking up to you for advice. No matter what you go through, I will be there to pick you up when you feel down. (If you are a girl) We have been life-long friends. You occasionally pick and bully about who I love. We do have our bonding moments but it's unclear if you love me or not. My gears are Plasma Blade, Savage Longshot, Caliaste Machine Gun, Turquoise XG Calibre, Spartan Vixen AK, and pilots a mech called Shadow Lycan. (Like Shining Gundam but with a wolf face, twin sabers, extendable claw blades, plasma rifle, laser guns, and the Plasma Claw Strike {Zoid Strike Lazer Claw rip-off}) I also that the status systems of the Starship Magnolia.

Sarah Bastian: The Navigator. She's a scholars teacher of the Wellston Star Flashers Academy and a professional navigator. She doesn't do much of fighting, but she can research and report on the comms to inform you on places and details of the mission in a heartbeat. She takes the navigational helm of Starship Magnolia.

Anthony Hallz: The Berserker. He doesn't care how deep the odds are, he will fight to survive and nothing will stop him once he's goes ballistic. (If you are a male) He will try and pick a fight with you and challenge you because he thinks you are too soft to be a leader. If he gets lucky, he'll try and take you down if you ever get hurt. But don't worry, he can't do much if you find out his weakness and exploit it. (If you are a female) He doesn't want to make himself look bad to a superior officer because she's a female. When he was younger, his sister was a Commander of a platoon and died in a war. He has his respects for woman. Big softie. He wields a big Cobalt Maul, Plasma Hatchet, two Simion Shotguns, Heavy Kevlar Buster Gatling Gun, The Percival [Big Ass Rocket Launcher] and pilots the Battle Wing Valjeria [Mounted with dual photon cannons, Tachyon Rail Gun, Sidewinder Missiles, Heat-Seeking Rockets, and Vulcans.] He also takes the ammo department of Starship Magnolia.

Travis Maxwell: Scout. He excels at recon than I do, but he's a bit snobby about it at times. (If you are a male.) He shows respect to his male superiors, although he seldom to show gratitude. He will follow every order you give him to the letter. (If you are a female.) He is a flatulently perverse and proud of it. He will try his best to get under your skin and seduce you at every turn. He holds the Carbine Palatine Rifle, Twin Pulse Sickles, Vorpal Chain Whip, Richter Sniper, Tarnisher Buster Rancher, and pilots a mech called Black Spectre. (Super Robot Wars/Taisen Endless Frontier Gespenst Haken but in a Gundam Fashion, Twin Plasma Sabers instead of Pulse Blade, two Rail Turret on back, and combinable plasma rifles.)

Marishka Tambella: Lieutenant. (to be finished)

Doctor Pamela Scarpelli: Medic. (to be finished)


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Damien Nathaniel
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I like to draw on my spare time and play Yu-gi-oh. I also am a fan of role-playing, MMORPG's , and other games of fighting made in Japan or China.

Yu-gi-oh: :iconatemplz: :iconyuseiplz: :iconsetokaibaplz: :iconjackatlasplz: :iconslifer: :iconobeliskthetormentor: :iconwingeddragonofra:

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Huggie Buddy: :iconmsatsoshi: (Someone I can count on for hugs.)
Partner Beyond Time: :iconxlightbluesnowflakex: (We are like Jaden and Yugi. We are friends to the end and we will always be there when times are rough.)

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