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Kidnapped. by Scadric1
Xeon: Going my way, little kitty? *evil laughter*

Dark: *screams* Let go of me!! Let me go!!! HEEEEELLPPPP!!!

Dark Stone has been kidnapped by Xeon. Dark was just walking home from her daily rounds when all of a sudden, the whole sky went pitch black. Thinking nothing of it, she decided to take the shortcut home by a a dark alley way. Normally this would be a good idea if the sun was out, but not this time. Xeon snuck up behind her and nabbed her.

-I was planning on drawing this on Holloween to make up a good story for it, but I got bored and wanted to do it anyway.-

Xeon by me: :iconscadric1:

Dark by: :iconxlightbluesnowflakex:

Base by: :iconxxtiffyrose101xx:

Background found in: Google Images
I wish there was no such thing as karma, but life is really laughing at me right now. Just this night is proof of karma. I met a stranger from out of nowhere as I was trying to get myself something to eat. Normally anyone in my situation would run away or fight them and then run, but me being a good soul just had to find it in my hear tot help. Anyway, he was just strutting along and he was hit by some person who has like this grudge against him with a broken part of a concrete brick. He ran off to the parking lot and found me as I was driving up to a Chinese take-out place. Desperate, he asked if I could take him to McDonald's down the street to talk to his cousin and ask for help. I obliged and took him down there and hope that was the end of it. But no, he then asked if I would take him to a friend's house just three minutes out from there to go to a hospital in Camden. By that point, my whole body was screaming "NO YOU STUPID DOUCHE!!! YOU CAN'T TAKE THIS GUY'S OFFER!!! YOU DON'T KNOW HIM LIKE THAT!!!" but my soul was saying, "Help this person. He's down on his luck and needs someone to lend a hand." So I did and drove him to a friend's house. After that, I drove home with my food and come on the net and listening to Nickle-back - Angel for helping someone. The moral of the story: Don't help people that you don't know. They might be a serial killer or worse. And if you have a good soul like me and just have it in your soul to help people like that, pray that you come back out alive.


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Damien Nathaniel
Artist | Student | Varied
United States
I like to draw on my spare time and play Yu-gi-oh. I also am a fan of role-playing, MMORPG's , and other games of fighting made in Japan or China.

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